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Uniforms, Patches, and Tying the Belt


The Golden Lion Academy requires uniforms for its participants within the completion of the first session. Uniforms can be purchased through your club instructor. Since traditional white uniforms are required for promotions and tournaments, it is recommended that a white uniform is the first uniform acquired by a student.

Students should keep their uniform clean and pressed at all times. It is important to give a good impression of our Martial Art, and a neat appearance is important in this regard.

The lapels of the uniform top should always be crossed left lapel over right lapel. The belt is tied with a square knot in the front and its ends should be even in length (see diagram on how to tie belt). Patches are sold with your first uniform, and are required to be on your uniform within 2 weeks of purchase. Patches and a uniform are required prior to going for a promotion. There are four patches that are required. The flag of your country of origin (USA) is located on your right sleeve, the Korean flag is located on your left sleeve, the GLA insignia is located on your right lapel, and Kum Saja Do patch is located on your left lapel, (see diagram below on location of patches).

Typically during regular class hours, any color uniform can be used. This is in exception to striping of the uniform. Any striping of the uniform must minimally match the student’s rank (i.e. a blue belt can wear a white uniform with blue stripes, but they could not wear a white uniform with red stripes.) When going for promotions, all students must wear an all white uniform. The exception to this rule is black belts. Black belts are required to wear their GLA black belt uniform to all GLA promotions/ events.

The uniform and belt should be worn properly before, during, and after class. If it is not worn properly, or abused, it is a sign of disrespect to the belt, uniform, yourself (student), your fellow students, the training hall, your instructor and your school. After working out hard, your uniform may become disengaged and loose. When proper salutation is required (bowing), take a quick opportunity to turn around and fix your uniform prior to returning to practice. Proper respect should be shown at all times.

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