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One of the unique aspects of martial arts is its relation with culture and custom. This is reflected in martial arts terminology. Through the study of terminology, the student is given the opportunity to see through and catch a glimpse of a fascinating and different culture and custom. One not only realizes the uniqueness of the discipline, but also becomes unique as a result of it. Terminology is a communication tool by which the student slowly learns to speak in the culture of the martial art.

The Golden Lion Academy feels that terminology is a vital part of learning martial arts. Respect is learned and shared when it is practiced. At times, terminology only begins to scrape the surface of the desired culture immersion. It may become asked of the student to perform additional extra-curricular activities to further learn, study, and explain Korean Histories.

The proper use of terminology needs to be developed. To say punch is correct. To say front punch is better. To say front punch to the head is more precise. To say right front punch to the head is still yet another improvement. Direction, side of origin, & target location help to develop the proper use of terminology.

Click on the links below for terminology commonly used in Kum Saja Do:

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For more terminology resources please see your instructor.