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Letter from Master John Paoli


Dear Student,

I would like to welcome you to one of the most progressive and exciting organizations in martial arts today, the Golden Lion Academy!

Our club was established in 1980. The club’s success is owed to the dedicated individuals that share in the common goal of growth in the club and growth within themselves. The instructors and assistants are devoted to instructing the Golden Lion Academy’s practical techniques and strong family values.

The Golden Lion Academy was formed on the principles of practical techniques. A combination of techniques taken from various martial arts styles and philosophies, the ever-continuous search for excellence and perfection of mind and body makes GLA the success that it is.

Your student manual has been prepared for you to use as a reference. This, along with the teachings from the instructors, will guide you through the various levels and stages of your Martial Arts career. Take the time to read through this manual and begin to learn the way of the Golden Lion Academy.

Students who participate in martial arts with the Golden Lion Academy range in age six years of age and up. We offer classes for beginners and advanced students. Since the martial arts are not a “team” sport, like basketball or football, the participants get out of martial arts what they put into it. So be like a sponge and soak up all the information you can. The rewards are never ending!

Martial Arts offers physical fitness, discipline, self-control, focus, all while learning to defend oneself. The atmosphere within the Golden Lion Academy is designed to promote physical and mental well being. Adult participants can exercise, relieve stress, and gain vitality. Younger students learn discipline and gain strength. All martial arts’ participants gain confidence.

Our martial art and instruction encourages strong family values at home and in our organization. Families bond and practice with each other while still allowing students to progress and learn at their own pace. We encourage family participation.

The knowledge you may get from the Golden Lion Academy is unlimited. The more one learns, the more one realizes how little he/she actually knows. The more our imperfection is revealed to us, the more we understand the deeper knowledge of the martial arts. Martial arts is a life-long learning process towards perfection, never reaching that ultimate goal; But always keeping in mind the motivation and devotion to the pursuit of happiness, beauty, humility and self control. Progress in the Golden Lion Academy is measured day by day in our personal development, both mentally and physically, toward that goal of perfection.

Again, I would like to welcome you to the Golden Lion Academy. I, along with the instructors, look forward to assisting you in your lifelong martial arts journey. It is a long path you have chosen, but IT IS WORTH IT!


JOHN D. PAOLI – Master

Founder of the Golden Lion Academy