Student Resources

Golden Lion Academy offers significant resources for students. Here you will find some general resources. For more information please check with your instructor.

General Terminology Quiz

1.)  What does Tae Kwon Do mean? _____________________     2.)  How do you say front kick? ______________________     3.)  What is the theory of power?   C_______________ R_______________ E _______________ B_______________ S_______/_________   4.)  Draw the Korean flag in the space below             5.)  What do you do …

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GLA Share Program

GLA Share Program The Golden Lion Academy is excited to introduce a brand new program to serve its students.  The purpose is to allow students the opportunity to participate more frequently with a wider variety of instructors through participation between park districts.  This program allows students to participate in classes multiple times a week, even …

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Letter from Master John Paoli

WELCOME TO THE GOLDEN LION ACADEMY Dear Student, I would like to welcome you to one of the most progressive and exciting organizations in martial arts today, the Golden Lion Academy! Our club was established in 1980. The club’s success is owed to the dedicated individuals that share in the common goal of growth in …

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Uniforms, Patches, and Tying the Belt

UNIFORMS The Golden Lion Academy requires uniforms for its participants within the completion of the first session. Uniforms can be purchased through your club instructor. Since traditional white uniforms are required for promotions and tournaments, it is recommended that a white uniform is the first uniform acquired by a student. Students should keep their uniform …

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TERMINOLOGY One of the unique aspects of martial arts is its relation with culture and custom. This is reflected in martial arts terminology. Through the study of terminology, the student is given the opportunity to see through and catch a glimpse of a fascinating and different culture and custom. One not only realizes the uniqueness …

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Terminology Quizzes

Below are some terminology quizzes. These are here for your own practice and understanding and they are not “graded”. We will be adding more quizzes so be sure to check back on this page for updates. Have fun and good luck! Note: The quizzes will open a new browser window. General Terminology Numbers Directions Body …

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