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Mr. Jeff Rose

 4th Dan Black Belt – Kum Saja Do

3rd Dan Black Belt – Kyuki-do

Head Instructor of McHenry Parks and Recreation
Keeper of the Forms for the Golden Lion Academy
Instructing since 1993

Mr. Rose started his formal training in Kyuki-Do at the Salt Creek Rural Park District under the tutelage of Master John Paoli at the age of thirteen.  This was the beginning of a life long love and journey in martial arts.  Mr. Rose eventually transferred to Streamwood to train and when Hanover Park opened he worked out there too.  Mr. Rose would also travel to Elgin and Elburn Illinois to work out each week as well.  It was during this time that Mr. Rose was training extensively in kickboxing.  He recalls this period of his life as intense and exhilarating.  This era was a time of strong bonding for him and his instructor along with fellow martial artists because the dojang had become a home away from home.

Eventually, Mr. Rose went to college at the University of Illinois.  There he worked out under the instruction of Fred Huang in Sung Lee Tae Kwon Do.  After college, Mr. Rose instructed and continues to instruct classes at various park districts.  He currently teaches at Hanover Park Park District teaching Kum Saja Do and boxing.  In 2007, Mr. Rose oversaw the promotion of his first student to become black belt under his instruction, Mr. Art Campos.  This was a very important moment in Mr. Jeff Rose’s life because he had realized that he lived up to his promise of wanting to pass along the knowledge to others that was passed down to him.

Mr. Rose currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Golden Lion Academy and is the head instructor at McHenry County Parks and Recreation. 

Notable awards:

  • Outstanding Assistant Instructor Award AKF 1997
  • Dedication and Commitment Award GLA 2006
  • Employee of the Month for Instruction HPPD 2006

Mentionable Instructors:

  • Master John Paoli – Kum Saja Do
  • Grand Master OK Hyung Kim – Tae Kwon Do and Judo
  • Fred Huang – Sung Lee Tae Kwon Do

Sessions with:

  • Bill (Superfoot) Wallace – Kickboxing
  • Joe Lewis – Kickboxing
  • Kathy Long- Kick Boxing
  • Renzo Gracie – Jujitsu
  • Master Dan Inosanto – Escrima/Kali
  • Mark Hatmaker- Mixed Martial Arts
  • Dave Duersh- JKD