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Master Jason Estes

5th Dan Black Belt – Kum Saja Do

4th Dan Black Belt – Kyuki Do

Head of Instruction for the Golden Lion Academy,
Head Instructor of Streamwood Park District,
Keeper of the Forms for the Golden Lion Academy,
Instructing since 1989,

Mr. Estes martial arts career started different than one would imagine.  Jason did not want to be the great martial artist, did not aspire to mimic the action stars of the movies.  Instead, Mr. Estes wanted to join the park district soccer program.  Jason’s mother had a different idea and felt that soccer was too specific. She felt that martial arts would prove to give her son a greater understanding and development of life skills.  Obviously, Mr. Estes did not register for the soccer program, but in fact was enrolled in the Tae Kwon Do program through the Streamwood Park District.

Mr. Estes immediately studied under a young John Paoli at age a ripe age of 9 years old.  While Mr. Paoli’s training and instruction far exceeded his age.  Mr. Paoli had recently become a student under Grand Master Ok Hyung Kim and joined the American Kyuki-do Federation.   The American Kyuki-Do Federation combines Tae Kwon Do, Hapki Do, and Judo together.  Mr. Paoli further added his own influences of various styles of Kung-Fu along with Kick Boxing.  Whether Mr. Estes understood it at the time or not, he was already beginning the practical discipline style that is now known as the Golden Lion Academy.

Mr. Estes thrived in these various styles, and at age 14, received his 1st Dan in Kyuki-do.  Mr. Estes became an assistant instructor, and helped the organization immediately.  It was in 1989 when Mr. Estes first began instructing.  Mr. Estes played a great part in setting up and establishing the second club of the Golden Lion Academy at Hanover Park in 1992, which he began instructing as well.

In 1994, Mr. Estes took the role of Head of Instruction for the Golden Lion Academy, and began developing and enforcing standards of practice and discipline among all clubs of the Golden Lion Academy.

To help further his softer side of the arts, Mr. Estes began training in Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Qong in 2001 under Instructor William Kutz.  In 2004, Mr. Estes chose to further his education under the instruction of Joseph Dodaro.  Mr. Estes has utilized his training to further the teachings and understanding that is Kum Saja Do.  Much of the techniques of Kum Saja Do extend from some of Mr. Estes training.

Mr. Estes currently oversees all business transactions for the Golden Lion Academy.  This includes everything from all documentation and publications to inventory and sales.

Mr. Estes is currently instructing the next generation of Golden Lion Academy students at Streamwood Park District.

Notable Awards:

  • Outstanding Assistant Instructor Award AKF 1991
  • Outstanding Assistant Instructor Award AKF 1998
  • Outstanding Associate Instructor Award AKF 2000
  • Dedication and Commitment Award   Golden Lion Academy 2006
  •  Outstanding Dedication and Commitment for 25 years Golden Lion Academy 2008

Mentionable Instructors:

  • Master John Paoli – Kum Saja Do
  • Grand Master OK Hyung Kim – Tae Kwon Do and Judo
  • William Kutz – Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Qong
  • Joseph Dodaro –  Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Qong

Sessions with:

  • Bill (Superfoot) Wallace – Kickboxing
  • Joe Lewis – Kickboxing
  • Renzo Gracie – Jujitsu
  • Master Dan Inosanto – Escrima/Kali
  • Mark Hatmaker- Mixed Martial Arts