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Ms. Melissa Johnson

Ms. Melissa Johnson

1st Dan Black Belt- Kum Saja Do

Assistant Instructor of Hanover Park Park District

Assistant Instructor since 2014

Ms. Johnson began her martial arts career back in 2005 as a way to combine exercise, learn self-defense techniques, and spend time with her younger son, Trent. Melissa and her son began training in Kyuki-Do through the Bartlett Park District. In 2008, they both transferred to the art of Kum Saja Do to expand on their martial arts training and have the ability to learn from the many Black Belts of the Golden Lion Academy. Despite losing her favorite workout buddy to other sports, Melissa was determined to continue her training and earn her black belt with the Golden Lion Academy. In 2013, Ms. Johnson obtained her black belt under the instruction of Grand Master John Paoli.

Ms. Johnson hopes to continue on her never-ending journey to learn and grow in her training as a black belt. She also wants to guide others to achieve their goals in martial arts as well as in other aspects of life. Due to her appreciation for the family-oriented environment that the Golden Lion Academy represents, she hopes to get her family involved back into martial arts and help her two boys train to the level of black belt in the Golden Lion Academy. However, her ultimate goal remains to be a role model for others in what you can achieve with hard work and determination.

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