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Mr. Rich David


3rd Dan Black Belt – Kum Saja Do

1st Dan Black Belt –  Kyuki Do

Assistant Instructor of Hanover Park

Assistant Instructor since 1999

Mr. Rich David joined the Golden Lion Academy in January of 1995 where he trained under Grandmaster John Paoli.  Mr. David has trained for 20 years under Master Jason Estes and Mr. Jeff Rose.  He obtained his First Dan Black Belt in Kum Saja Do in 1999.  He went on to achieve his Second Degree Black Belt in April of 2006 and his 3rd Degree Black Belt in 2010.   Rich also holds a first-degree Black Belt in Kyuki-Do obtained from Kim’s Black Belt Academy in 1999, under the instruction of Grandmaster Ok Hyung Kim.

With over 20 years with the Golden Lion Academy, Rich has received several awards in free fighting and forms competitions as well as Outstanding Instruction.  Mr. Rich David was the first to start the youth program for the Golden Lion Academy for the next generation of Kym Saja Do martial artists.  Rich and his wife, Karen, along with Master Paoli, co-authored the GLA the Martial Arts Badge for the GS of America.  This was another first for the Golden Lion Academy that Rich was instrumental in pioneering.

Mr. Rich David is currently the assistant instructor for the Hanover Park Park District.  His ability to work with students, both young and old, makes Mr. David a real asset..

Outstanding Assistant Instructor – 2002

Notable Instructors:

  • Grand Master John Paoli
  • Grandmaster Ok Hyung Kim
  • Master Jason Estes
  • Mr. Jeff Rose


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