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Mr. Joey Schildt

1st Degree Black Belt
Assistant Instructor

Mr. Joseph Schildt started training with the Golden Lion Academy in 2009 at the age of 7.  He trained under both Master John Paoli and Master Jason Estes at both the Hanover Park Park District and Streamwood Park District.
Joseph decided to learn Kum Saja Do in order to learn discipline, gain strength, and be able to defend himself.  Joseph really enjoys sparring in class and loves to participate in tournament sparring.  He enjoys anticipating what his opponent may do and then strategizing how to neutralize the opponent in order to score points.
Joseph became a first-degree black belt in November of 2014 at the age of 13.  He wants to teach others and help young students understand that hard work and determination helped him to achieve his goal of obtaining his first dan.  Joseph wants to continue to learn and progress in martial arts.  Joseph enjoys the black belt workouts because everyone comes together and learns from each other.

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