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Mr. George Sanchez

1st Degree Black Belt

Assistant Instructor of Streamwood Park District
Assistant Instructor since 2003

Mr. Sanchez became a Golden Lion Academy black belt in 2003 under the instruction of Mr. Jason Estes.  George is a teaching assistant at Streamwood working with Mr. Estes towards his future goal of one day becoming an instructor.  George is an important member of the Golden Lion Academy always volunteering to help wherever he can.

In the past George has helped to raise money by breaking boards for charity.  Mr. Sanchez’s contributions to the Golden Lion Academy are the epitome of the integrity of the organization’s members.  His philosophy is: overcome your fears and excel in your life.  Be kind and courteous to others and this will lead you on your way to the true meaning of a martial artist.


Notable awards:

  • Outstanding Support, Golden Lion Academy 2000
  • Outstanding Dedication, Golden Lion Academy 2002
  • Outstanding Assistant Instructor Award, Golden Lion Academy 2008