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Mr. Art Campos

1st Dan Black Belt

Assistant Instructor of Hanover Park Park District
Assistant Instructor since 2007 

Mr. Art Campos began with the Golden Lion Academy in 2003 at Hanover Park Park District under the instruction of Mr. Jeff Rose.  Mr. Campos was very driven to succeed in Kum Saja Do and always worked very hard in class.  Art competed in many tournaments often taking first place in free fighting competitions.  Mr. Art Campos over the years has attended many Kum Saja Do functions such as demonstrations and seminars.  He became a first-degree black belt in July 2007 just before entering the army.  Mr. Campos’s goal was to become an Army Ranger, which he made a reality when he graduated from training in the Spring of 2008.  Art is an example of what a person can achieve when they work hard towards their goals.