About Us


What is The Golden Lion Academy?

The Golden Lion Academy is a martial arts organization operated through various Park Districts. The focus of the Golden Lion Academy combines the disciplines of Tae Kwon Do, Hapki-do, Judo, Kick Boxing, Weaponry, and Kung-fu.

Through the combination of these Martial Arts a practical knowledge of self-defense techniques, weapons, free fighting, traditional forms, and discipline is obtained.

The Golden Lion Academy is a family organization dedicated to it’s participants. Students within the Academy are encouraged/ challenged to excel inside and outside class in everyday life. Our commitment to the students has helped to develop countless numbers of individuals over the past 30 years. The instructors of the Golden Lion Academy strive for a well rounded education for the students.

Students six years and up learn the rudiments of self-defense from day one. They build upon these features by adding more advanced techniques from the various styles, while also learning the Korean language and the history of martial arts. As students progress they earn opportunities for advancement through the various ranks in a safe, friendly, and enjoyable environment.

Our martial art and instruction encourages strong family values at home and in our organization. Families bond and practice with each other while still allowing students to progress and learn at their own pace. We encourage family participation, both in and out of class.

The Golden Lion Academy prides itself on its activities that it hosts. The GLA activities extend beyond the boundaries of the classroom with our annual events. Every Summer there is a spectacular Picnic planned for students AND their families. During the Winter months the GLA enjoys hosting it’s annual family Christmas Dinner. These events have been followed with such praise that future and additional events are in the works.